Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day of Love

Look how gigantic this lily was!!! That's my ring there on the bottom left area :)

 Valentine’s Day gets a lot of crap talk from single people and coupled people alike. Marketing schemes from the card, candy, and flower companies blah blah blah blah! Blah. My response – “Shuuuut up!” Seriously.

If you’ve got a bad attitude ‘cause you’re single, get over it. If your happiness depends on being in a relationship, then you need therapy. I don’t mean that in a mean way but rather in a matter of fact way. Everyone should be happy being single before they even think about being happy in a relationship…love yourself before you try loving someone else. But if you are ready for a relationship then do something about it and quit whining! Try a dating site (no cat fishing haha) or take some classes that interest you where you could potentially meet other singles with the same interests…there are plenty of options. Just be patient. But even if you are single on this day, there are still people to celebrate love with…family and friends…or even just show some love for yourself.

If you’re single (and don’t mind being single) or you’re in a relationship and you still feel like hating on this day…why? Obviously it doesn’t matter to you, but why crap on everyone else? Live this day like any other day and leave the negativity out of it. Seriously! Why be nasty? What do you gain by being a hater? Maybe you’re just a hater…if so…then I’m sorry. I can’t imagine living a hateful life. If you just like making fun or pointing out flaws and things of that nature, then all the power to you…I’ll just probably think your public expression of opinions is unnecessary…but that’s true for many opinions shared via social media.

If Valentine’s Day brings up sad, hurtful, painful, or any kind of negative memory…I suggest avoiding social media. If you don’t, then you’re just abusing yourself. And if you do decide to participate in the trash talk, maybe that’s just your outlet. If that’s the case, then I really can’t advise anything else except maybe therapy. Again, not trying to be mean…just matter of fact.

In a nut shell…If Valentine’s Day makes you sad, lonely, angry, hateful, etc, I suggest staying away from the internet. I also suggest you ask yourself why it affects you in such a negative way…you really might have some issues that could be affecting other parts of your life or relationships with others. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to crap on the day of love, I believe the healthy, respectful, and mature thing to do is leave it alone and deal with it on your own or with a therapist or good listener.

I must also say that any expression of love on Valentine’s Day should be appreciated regardless of how elaborate the gesture is. For some, all they have to give are the words, “I love you.” Love shouldn’t be measured on quantity but rather on the genuine effort given no matter how simple or complex it may be. Your significant other may not be as excited about Valentine’s Day as you are, and therefore you can’t expect them to celebrate it on the same scale as you do. Also, this day is meant to be for both sides of a relationship…it’s not just up to the guy to spend and  do…ladies, we need to show the love too! Guys, don’t expect your gal to be in charge of everything either…this day should be a joint effort for love!

I love Valentine’s Day! I think we should express love every day of our lives, but I think that on this day we should have fun going a little bit over board. I love my husband so much that I could write cards for him everyday…I could cook special meals or buy special gifts every day for him to show him how much I love him. But going overboard every day is not an affordable or practical idea. Also, it wouldn’t be as special…it would be something expected and therefore common and unimportant. On the day of love, I get to express my affection as elaborately and as over the top as I want. To put it simply, it’s just fun for me!

This year I had a little bit of money to spend so I bought my husband some good scotch and some beef jerky along with a nice little card…I was going to make the card myself, but I ran out of time. Oh well! I also bought some new drinking glasses that I included in his gift, but that was more for us than Tom alone! My husband brought home chocolates, flowers, and a teddy bear for me...he also bought me a digital photo frame. I like the nontraditional parts the best…beef jerky for my husband instead of chocolate and the digital frame for me was a very thoughtful yet practical gift for a woman with so many photos! I cooked up a super yummy steak dinner with baked potatoes and creamed spinach. I bought a cast iron skillet especially for this meal (and because I’ve needed one forever!), and we enjoyed having our dinner and champagne in the privacy of our own home. 


Everything else about this day was as usual as any other day…but the flowers and candlelight and champagne in stemmed glasses made it a little more special…we didn’t need to lay anything on thick…we just had an atmosphere of intimacy with gifts we could both enjoy and a meal we could indulge in…that’s a good word to wrap up with. Valentine’s Day, the day of love…a day to indulge in the love we have for our spouse, our friends, our family, and ourselves. Because seriously…why not!?

Oops! One more thing! My sweet baby boy, Kakashi, got a new toy and rawhide too…because our pets should be part of our families…so they deserve some love as well!

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