Thursday, September 20, 2012

Changing Subjects

Talking about depression…is too depressing right now.

Hello, lovelies! There have been no outcries or hostile messages in regards to my blog abandonment, so I take this as a good sign…a sign that there have been no tailspins or withdrawals from my lack of “lectures” on the subject of depression ;)  To give the briefest summary I can possibly give in somewhat of a run on sentence, I will say that my depression got way way…way out of control, and it took a long long…long time to get my head on straight…and then a settling period had to take place which resulted in a separation of myself from anything practical or productive…like a zombie being cured and not quite knowing exactly how to function properly for a while. I hate zombies. I can’t believe I just used that analogy. But I really really…really hate zombies. Anywho! That is what happened!

I really don’t have the energy to explain it further than that right now, but I will eventually because I feel like I need to keep talking about it…depression NEEDS to be discussed. I just can’t do it right now.

So! I’ve got lots of things to share…I hope that y’all will enjoy my subject change for a while, and I hope to maybe reach a broader audience…get this blog out there to the masses…get paid to blog…become rich…oh I’m sorry…I was doing some free writing J

Okay! See y’all again soon! Hugs and love!

Burning for Answers

pencil on paper 2001 

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