Thursday, March 21, 2013

Miserable Day

Today was very hard.

I am having a challenging time being happy at my part time job, and I know part of it is because of my depression, but I wish I knew how much I dislike it regardless of my illness. All I can do is keep working my shifts and see how my attitude may change once I start getting treatment again. Fingers crossed.

I called my mama and cried it all out to her...she calmed me down and helped me think of the right actions to take. My depression left untreated this long can really make me cloudy and unsure...I'm grateful for my mama's ability to help me work it out when I'm just too teary eyed and in the muck to figure it out myself. I love you, mama!!!

I don't work tomorrow, so tonight I'm having red wine and dark chocolate and TV shows. I'm going to try and relax...

My mama and me March 2012

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