Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Photographic Summary Part II

Today's photographic summary shares some moments with a couple of my best friends...they were and continue to be such a significant part of my life that I consider them sister soul mates. I'm sure I've shared this before, but just to remind y'all, Anna was my first friend after leaving Oklahoma to join my Sailor in Great Lakes, Illinois. We lived there 6 months, and during that time, I didn't have any friends. I made acquaintances walking Kakashi daily and enjoyed some nice conversations, but that was the extent of those relationships. Tom was a night student and had duty every 4 days, and I barely ever saw him. It was a very lonely time; definitely one of the lowest points in my battle with depression. Before moving to Virginia, I used Facebook to try and make some new friends so I wouldn't have to experience that loneliness again! When you're moving around in the military life, making friends is like dating...I, and I'm sure many others, will basically post personal adds on military Facebook pages describing the best qualities about myself and what I would like to do with potential friends. You know, like, "I enjoy eating out! I love wings and beer nights!" With all of that being said, Anna and I have always talked about our friendship like a couple reminiscing on how we met and how influential we've been in each others's kind of a weird description, but it really is the best and most accurate haha! Anna is my Itty Bitty (nickname), and she has truly been my saving grace...I wouldn't have handled the military spouse lifestyle as well as I have without her support, strength, love, and friendship! Here's a photo of us on the first night we met face to face!

Itty Bitty's cousin, Clairessa, moved in with her a little more than a year later, and she and I instantly clicked! I was so relieved that I liked her so much because I knew she was such an important part of Anna's life! Anna and I were destined to become friends, and with Clairessa's arrival, it became apparent that she was a part of that destiny as well! I call her my like minded weird friend because we both share a kooky kind of thinking. She brought a new kind of silliness and charm to my life, and she's helped me to smile and laugh during my saddest moments. There have been too many times to count how often the three of us have embraced each other all at once for strength, comfort, and love! Here's a first photo of the three of us together followed by just a few of the many similar photos we share!


The news about moving to Florida was exciting because I was looking forward to living in a warmer state, and I actually enjoy the experience of living in new places! But, I left a lot behind in Virginia...Anna and Clairessa were the hardest goodbyes of my life. And actually, I don't like to call it a long for now, and farewell until we meet again, were the phrases I wanted to use, so it didn't sound so final! The night before I drove down to Florida to stay, was spent with my girls. They showered me with farewell gifts and photos to remember them by to have around my new home. We cried and cried and cried, but we laughed and laughed as well! The three of us have matching tattoos, a double infinity symbol, and my parting gift to each of them was an infinity bracelet..I haven't taken mine off once! We've been through some really tough times together, through shattering heartbreak We've been through too many happy moments to count! We live 10 hours apart now...but these girls will always always always be two of my very best friends. And guess what? I'm going to visit them next month! Too excited for words!

Before I wrap this up, I have to shout out some love for Anna's husband, Eric! He's a Marine, and I'm so proud to know him! He and Anna have a beautiful relationship and are a great example of how marriages in the military absolutely do work! Eric has been a big brother to me and has encouraged and supported me through so many tough moments in my life, and I'm so grateful for him in my life. And I'm grateful for the friendship he and my husband's always nice when the husbands get along! I love him as much as I love my Itty Bitty and Cee...I'm truly blessed to have these three in my life! It's like having more siblings! :)

 I'll leave y'all with a simple little collage of what my last night with these gals looked like, dear readers! And remember, depression is a tough battle, but having the presence of friends instead of loneliness, is the very best kind of medicine and pick me up! Hugs and love, my lovelies!


Monday, September 8, 2014

A Photographic Summary Part 1

Part one will be a photographic summary of my trip down to Florida to hunt for a house. My husband is on the U.S.S. Iwo Jima, and they recently changed home ports from Norfolk to Mayport, it was time to start looking for our next home. I went down with my very good friend, Karla. She introduced me to some Florida staples such as; Sonny's, Bev's, Zaxby's, Publix subs, Grannie's, and Ginnie Springs. And we had lots of fun swimming in the Springs, singing karaoke, shooting off a cannon, exploring graveyards, and more! Being in Florida felt a lot like being back home in Oklahoma, but there were some big differences (aside from the Atlantic Ocean being right there lol). The moss hanging from the trees is absolutely lovey and ethereal. The buzzards come a lot closer to town than I've ever seen before. Driving through the countryside looks like any other countryside except for the pops of palm trees dotted along the way. The heat is a horrible humid heat compared to the heat in body is definitely trying to's becoming a little more tolerable I suppose haha! Ha. And there are lizards EVERYWHERE! All in all I really love it here! I really do! I'm going to be lazy with this summary and just share cell phone pics. I know I know...bad photographer, Amy, bad photographer! I just haven't loaded my "real" photos and I'm anxious to get back on track with y'all! Anywho! Our house hunt was successful and we found condos right next to each other! I hope you enjoy the snapshots!

Karla was living almost next door to me until a break up moved her almost 2 hours away, and it's been a hard time adjusting without my buddy and native Floridian. So I just want to shout out some love for one of my best friends...thanks for showing me around and giving me the run down on your beautiful state! Love you and can't wait to hang out with you again, Karla!

Next photographic summary will be about saying goodbye to my sister soul mates in of the hardest farewells of my life!

Cherish your friends, and hugs and love, my lovelies!

The Ro Fo Sho

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Depression Derailment II

It's been 2 months! How did that happen?! Oh my goodness...I fail. I do apologize...I know I said before that I would not be absent for long periods of time anymore...but it's been a very stressful couple of months. Crazy, hard, challenging, and consuming couple of months.

Here's the scoop. Depression derailment. Ugh...y'all have heard about it from me before right here. It's not a case of my meds this time...I'll explain it more in depth to y'all later. I just wanted to check in today and say, "Hi, I'm still here!" My life basically went from limbo, to transition, to arriving at a new place with a load of problems and obstacles to deal with on my own...while trying to settle into a new home...a frustrating and utterly exhausting experience!

I'm going to summarize the last couple of months with some picture posts...each post shall be called "a photographic summary;" with minimal dialogue...only because there's so much to say and I don't have the energy to type are more fun anyway! I'll try and start that tomorrow :)

Okay...I'm super tired...meant to go to bed earlier, but really wanted to reach out here first. I wish I had some words of wisdom or something silly to share, but my brain is empty this time. I'm getting back to my old self hang in there with me, dear ones! I'll leave y'all with a little glimpse of what life looked like a little more than a month ago...chaos!

Goodnight and hugs and love, my lovelies!

Still here!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Try try...try try try...try try..again!

Alrightythen! This is my 4th or 5th or 8th or 20th time to try and upload an entry for y'all. Side note: I use to have a navy blue t-shirt that said "Alrightythen" across the front...I was cool like that. Okay back to the matter at hand! I was in Florida for a week and tried to check in with y'all a number of times from my tablet and my phone...obviously that never worked.

So here I am now. I just wanted to say real quick that I was in Florida for a week and tried to check in with y'all a num...oh wait I already did that...haha just kidding.

My cell service and access to WiFi were terribly hindered out in the rural parts of the good ol' Sunshine State, so my communication, social networking, blogging, and all other areas of my life that rely on this technology driven world were somewhat lacking.

I hope y'all are use to my wordy and overrun sentence structure tendencies.

Okay okay...I'll quit messin' around! I have lots to share with y'all about our upcoming move to Florida and stories about my recent trip. I didn't bring my DSLR, but I did get some decent shots on my cell phone and little point and shoot camera...AND...I saved them from Facebook and Instagram just for this corner of my existence favorite and most special little corner!

But I'm tired now, so the story and picture sharing will have to wait until next time! I'll leave y'all with one pic from my phone. When I backed it up, Google+ auto enhanced it for me; and although I don't generally like my photos being altered without my doing, this one was actually kind of cool...enjoy!

Sweet dreams, and hugs and love, my lovelies!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No More Naps and a Cute Little Monkey

I suppose I just took a leave of absence from here. I do apologize. It wasn't intentional; I promise. My last day of work ended up being right before Memorial Weekend, and that was a nice arrangement, but it meant a weekend full of socializing, which is great and wonderful, but time consuming. Please excuse my run on sentence if you will. Thanks! After a full weekend of friends, I had a messy apartment to put back in order...I also had a lot of re-hydrating to do if ya know what I mean. Ha! Sigh...I'm old. Anyway! I've also been super super crazy crazy tired! My theory is that when I had to get up and go to work 30 or so hours a week, I was thus forced to deal with the fatigue and push through it. Now that I'm back to my full time housewife role, I can easily take naps instead of ignoring the sleepiness. My intention for post photo lab life was to consider my house chores top priority and to also make The Ro Fo Sho my daily "job" so to speak. So, initially I failed at that. But! Now I'm rested, and I really just don't have time for naps! Oh man, I have so much to's time for lists and battle plans once again...and a really short amount of time to figure it all out and get everything straightened, planned, scheduled, and organized.

Sigh. Again. I'm old. Can I please have a personal assistant? Unlimited amounts of money would be helpful too.

Well anywho! Here are some topics I've got lined up for the next few days here!

* Depression and how my attitude and "advice" thus far has been a little too vague.
* My husband's upcoming deployment and the numerous "work ups" leading up to it.
* Starting a new drawing...oil pastel on canvas...does that work out well?
* How I want pink hair...for reals.

Okay, that's enough to start with! I'm happy to be back and blogging...hopefully I can be more prepared with my next leave of absence so I'm not silent so long again!

Thanks for sticking with me and putting up with my run on sentences and overall indifference to proper sentence structure and such. Hugs and love, my lovelies!

High Five!

p.s. Sometimes I can't find a relevant photo for an entry, so today I would like to begin the "random photo" addition to the blog...a photo that may have no relevance to the topics we discuss, but a photo that can be enjoyed none the less. Today's random photo shall be..."Cute Little Monkey."

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Crazy Morning Hair

My hair has a life of it's own. Srsly. And yes I intentionally spell seriously like that at times when you must pronounce it as written...srsly.

I guess I never really took much notice of it until it became an expectation every time I stayed with my friends Anna and Clairessa. We live about 20 minutes apart, so when we plan on drinking when we hang out, I end up spending the night...'cause that's the responsible thing to do, folks! Listen to your elder!

We began to realize a trend; I would wake up with hair that looked like I had either an..ahem...entertaining night in bed...or a head banging with hair spray at a rock concert night in bed. So we woke with laughter...isn't that how life should be? Oh...and just to be clear...entertaining nights or hair is always like this in the morning...and even after naps...just from sleeping, y'all!

Anyway! I've started to document my crazy morning hair, and when I'm not with my gal pals, I text Anna a picture. It's time to take the next step and share it with you, my darling readers. This blog addresses some hard hitting issues, so it's a must that I share some silliness too! I hope you all enjoy!

This is dedicated to The Honcoops and Clairessa! Hugs and love to them and to you all, my lovelies!

Crazy Morning Hair Lady

p.s. This is morning time. No makeup, puffy faced, and melatonin laced. Don't be haters, people! lol

May is Mental Health Month...Why didn't I know this?!

We're more than halfway through the month, and I just found out today that May is Mental Health Month. I've also learned that May is "fill in the blank month" for several other topics. Initially I felt like I had messed up by not making mental health a more dominant conversation here on The Ro Fo Sho. Then, I realized that with all of the other subjects of the month out there, that it's actually a good example of how this topic seems to get lost in the mix! I remember reading a single column segment in a magazine once about celebrities talking more publicly about their personal struggles with mental illness, and I can't think of another time the matter was addressed again!

On The View today, Chicago Bears Wide Receiver, Brandon Marshall, shared his battle with mental illness. Brandon Marshall discusses the Brandon Marshall Foundation, and his mission to end the stigma attached to mental illness. This is the synopsis you can read on The View's website. What stories could other celebrities and athletes have to share?

On the 12 o'clock news today, I learned that yesterday there was a run on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront for depression and suicide awareness! I had no idea this was going on!!! Will there be other events to drive awareness?

I now know that there is so much more I need to do to be an effective part of the discussion on mental illness. I'm not a celebrity, an athlete, or someone prominent in the public eye. I'm just an every day woman with clinical depression. I want to also be a part of Brandon's mission "to end the stigma attached to mental illness." I've tried to encourage my readers to talk about their struggles and to not feel like they can't share their illnesses for fear of judgement or becoming an outcast. Now I need to do more research on foundations, resources, events to drive awareness, and places to find support.

This is my last week at work before we move to Florida and I find a new job. I've already shared my plans for The Ro Fo Sho, but I'd also like to say that I will be working on this blog and the topic of mental illness, specifically depression, to provide more information for you, my dear readers. Whenever I read an article or watch a news blip on this subject, I feel like I don't read or hear about it again until an individual has reached the brink. Bullying, cancer, the dangers of smoking, and so many other issues are prominently addressed in the media everywhere we look. I believe that the subject of mental health concerns should be just as prominent and not just when something negative brings attention to it.

Any ideas or contributions y'all would like to make would be greatly appreciated!

The metaphor about the caterpillar becoming the butterfly is definitely well known...and probably used way too often! I for one appreciate the caterpillar. She's sturdy. She's lovely without being fragile. She hasn't yet become what she's destined to be, but she's not just lounging around waiting. She's moving and eating and traveling...she's checking out nature and feeling the warmth of the sun and resting in the coolness of the shade. She's living.

I hope that makes sense to y'all! If not, thanks for putting up with me anyway! Haha! Hugs and love my lovelies!


p.s. I don't know if this little cutie becomes a butterfly lol...sorry I'm no expert here! I don't even know if all caterpillars become butterflies or not! If they do, well that's awesome! If not, well, like I said...I love caterpillars!