Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Oklahoma

Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, dear ones! I'll have pictures and stories to share later, but tonight is for quiet time with the family...unwinding and snacks...playing with my nephew...chilling out with my mama and sister :) I'm so happy to be home for Christmas! Tomorrow...our 3 year wedding it!

Hugs and Christmas time love, my lovelies!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hours away of actually enjoying this holiday season!

This is my first time to try and blog from my tablet, and I'm on the end of my lunch and in a noisy fingers are also slightly dirty from chips...I'm classy like that ;) Anywho! This is my last shift; then there is one more day left for planning, cleaning, and packing; and then we'll be on a plane home for Christmas in Oklahoma...seriously seriously...srsly....cannot wait!!! At seven o'clock PM I will officially be able to enjoy the holidays...retail has it's upsides during this time of year...but they are no where close to outweighing the lovely bliss of NOT working during the holidays. So's almost over :) keyboard just died. So to wrap up...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, darlings! My heart, love, and prayers for all those separated from their loved ones this season...especially our military service members!

Hugs and love my lovelies...and....I'll be home for Christmas :)
Amy Ro Fo Sho

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kakashi Dog's 3rd Birthday

Kakashi dog is my baby sweet baby boy...and yes...he is indeed a mama's boy. He turned 3 on December 5th, and, although he's older and much wiser (ha), he is not so cooperative with having his picture taken. He also seems to have a grumpy and disgusted look on his face in most of the shots, but its okay 'cause it kinda cracks me up :)

So anywho! Just wanna share Kakashi's birthday photos...and maybe write a little birthday poem for my furry here goes...ahem...

Kakashi dog
he's the cutest puppy
in the whole wide world!
His name is Kakashi dog!
And I love him
so so much...
He's my Kakashi dog!

Actually that's a little song I like to sing to him from time to time...yes...I'm weird.

Happy Birthday, Kakashi! Mama loves you!

Hugs and love my lovelies,
The Ro Fo Sho