Friday, October 28, 2011

"A Warped Nature"

"A Warped Nature"

i did this oil pastel drawing back in 2003...a lot of my art that i'll be sharing is from 2003 or recently. 8 years between these periods of art explosions. however, i believe that the occasional distance i often found from my art in the past will no longer be an issue. the reason is simple really...2003 was the year my life started taking a dramatic turn...between then and the past year or so, i had some major downs and moments of just being messed up. i'm good now...stable anyway...ahem...mostly:) like i've said before, art has been a part of my life since before i can remember, but i've just recently accepted that it doesn't have to just be a hobby...i can actually do something with this. it's what makes me happy:) the key to happiness is doing what makes you it is! (that's a lot of happy lol) now i wanna do it all the time! art art art!!! drawing, painting, photography, and writing:)

so i don't remember where my mind was when this was created. i went with "a warped nature" because of the bent tree and drain like motion to the image. i have several sketches that never made it to actual completed drawings that are of a drain like concept. maybe i was thinkin' along the lines of how sometimes life feels like it's going down the drain...or sometimes all the good just seems to wash away...i suppose the obvious stuff you could say. i know i've done the drain thing with the idea that everything is moving from one dimension to through a wormhole you could say. i rambling? i'm kind of multitasking as i write this. i'm texting two people and enjoying an adult beverage in addition to blogging. sorry! i've just been looking at this drawing a lot recently trying to figure out what i wanted to say about it...for some reason i felt like visiting it tonight.

i'm 29 years old. most married women my age have children or are having them soon. children are not on my radar for another four or five years. i know that when i go home for christmas, my aunts and maybe uncles are going to be asking, "so when can we expect some babies?" i feel like i don't hear women talking about dreams and goals before kids anymore. there's nothing wrong with that! some women want to be moms and maybe secondarily think of having part or full time jobs or crafts or whatever...i have no opinion of that other than that's not what i want. to each their own! the only time i will ever judge a mother is if she's a mother consistently having unprotected sex and having more children than what she can provide for...that's the only time i'll find myself judging besides the obvious situations like abuse and neglect. but i wish there were more women my age out there with a voice about success before children...that's what i need...i need that before i have children. i don't feel a need for children right now...i just don't. i don't need babies...i need success and someday i want children. i need to have an identity that is solely my own before i am defined as a's very important to's crucial! i'm rambling again. sorry!

so am i looking at motherhood in a warped way? are my needs for success and identity indications that i'm not mother material? am i going against nature because i don't have the instinct to procreate but rather to succeed as an individual? i'm afraid that maybe i shouldn't be a mother. i'm afraid that someday i'll decide i don't want to be a mother or that i'll decide i do, but i won't really have the time anymore. so...i try not to think about it at all really...see where i am in four or five years and then go from there. there's no reason to worry about something that's not even on the agenda right now anyway! so i'll stop...for now...but like i did here...i know i'll revisit the thought off and on for the next 5 years or so! it's just my warped nature!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Slapped, Smacked, and Stabbed!

my sister was born a year and four days after me...we've been like twins all our lives! i think that we are probably the best of friends and have one of the funniest and most entertaining relationships anyone could ever witness. we also have some of the most epic fights...i slapped her once.

she had been pissing me off all day, and i was finally pushed to my limit in the jc penney parking lot. i had called the front seat...she tried to take it...even though she had been riding in it all day...i snapped...i was taken over by the sibling conflict demon and let loose my fury with a full hand slap and smack on her face. cat fighting then followed. our grandma was horrified and so embarrassed! it ended...i think i retreated to the back of the van to lay down with my anger. my sister always says that i slapped her over riding shot gun...but it was so much more...soooo much more than that! we've since moved past that haha:)

we are night and day...from the outward to the inward:) she has blonde hair and mood changing blue green eyes...she gets brown in the sun...she's taller and has bigger boobs. i'm a red head with always green eyes and always pale skin...shorter...smaller boobs (although they've grown with my weight gain). she was always a star...actress and singer...entertainer and comedian. life has thrown her some really tough punches...but when she gets the chance to sing some karaoke or tell an interesting story, she still knows how to handle the spotlight. i'm always proud when i see her make people laugh and cheer. she has always been hollywood and theater and i've been rock 'n roll and geek lol:) in school i worried and worked for straight A's...always thinking about college and scholarships....she worked for lead roles and solos. we both succeeded with our goals in school. our post school dreams have not turned out like we envisioned...we've both been affected by illness...her illnesses have been much much more life altering than mine. i'm still working towards my childhood dreams, and she's trying to find medicines and surgeries that could improve her life while also having to maintain the jobs of being a wife and mother. if i could take some of her burdens and carry them myself, i would do it in a heart beat!

everyone understands how hard it is to watch the people we love hurt so much. there comes a point when there is nothing we can do...we don't have the money to help with doctors and medicines...we live half a country away so we can't even put our arms around them...we listen over the phone, but we're not there to wipe away the tears or squeeze a hand. it's very...very hard.

my sister's birthday is thursday, and this is the first time in about 10 years that we have not been together on our birthdays. it sucks...but it sucks even more because i know she needs me now, but all i can do is send a card in the mail! i hope that helps a little at least! i'm always trying to get her to laugh and smile as much as she gets me to laugh and smile:) she's a punk though, so it's a bit more challenging i think! haha! this picture is one of the last ones we took together before i moved to illinois (and now to virginia). both of us are very insecure about our physical appearances. we both use to be very double chins! our illnesses have caused excessive weight gain for's probably one of the hardest things either of us have faced...and...i think we'd both be so much happier if we could just lose the weight! i think we look good in this picture...she doesn't like it...but i don't know why...and it's the only one i have on this computer right it'll have to do! :)

at least we can all see that her boobs are indeed bigger than mine haha! :) there are times when i want to punch her...i believe i once told her that i wanted to karate chop her throat. hey! we're irish...our tempers are a little heightened! but i love her:) as much as we different as we are...there is nothing like the bond between sisters...nothing! and now...i must tell a story about her attacking me once. and listen folks...this was a much more serious instance...there was blood...

i was 6...she was 5. we had a shoe box and two very sharp pencils. we stabbed the shoe box over and over with these very sharp pencils. i don't know what are objective may have memory simply starts with the box and the pencils and the stabbing over and over. after some time i held the box up to my a see what it was like looking through so many tiny holes. slow sister raised her pencil...pulled her arm back...and plunged the sharp pencil into the box...into my eye. screaming. tears. running through grandma and grandpa's house. stopping and seeing swollen bleeding eye in hall mirror. screaming. crying. end memory. i remember explaining my black eye to my kindergarten teacher...i believe i thought it was cool having a black eye...and i don't remember having hard feelings toward my sister after the initial stabbing:)

"Stabbing Sister"

i don't believe my conscious thoughts were with this particular memory as i created this had to have been my subconscious haha:) also...the picture has a very angry and violent sort of feeling with it...but that's not why i named it "stabbing sister." after i drew it and several years later when i decided to name it, it was the first thing that came to my mind. that instant when i looked in the mirror and saw the tiny dots of blood on my eyelid...that's what i think of when i look at it. but it makes me laugh:) so, i think it'll be so funny someday when i have a gallery exhibit of my work and people look at this one thinking how raw and hard and violent and sad it is...for's a memory of two little girls who shouldn't have been playing with sharp pencils haha!

well anway. my sister is often misunderstood. she has negative feelings about herself that i don't feel like would be right for me to share. but she's just as beautiful and vibrant as she was 10 years ago...she has it inside. i hope that the upcoming surgery helps her. i hope that her life and the people in her life find a good solid fulfilling path that lead her to a consistent happiness!

happy birthday, my lovely sister. i know you're in the dark right now. i know that there is pain and that there is sorrow. but you are still young...your body can still be taken care of...and your mind still possesses the talent and passions from years will be healed...and you will find joy again in the things in life you always enjoyed. both of us are in very different places than where we thought we'd be 10 years ago...but there is still the potential for dreams to come true. hold on to that, okay? and remember that even though i'm miles away...i'm always with you in your heart...we're twins like that you know:)

anyone else reading this? be as strong as you can for the people you love. try to give those people a silver lining to their storm clouds. when you get frustrated because you feel like there's nothing you can do...accept that there is nothing you can do...but love them...and be there for them. make sure they know it!

and here's one last memory to lighten the mood. according to my sister, i explained what sex was to her and our cousin using a barbie and ken doll. apparently...i stripped them naked...bent them in half...and smashed their...ahem...privates together. now...i don't remember this at could be a ridiculous story! but! at least i was honest and didn't try to overly romanticize it...that could have led to premature sexual activity for goodness sakes!!! i believe it was probably an accurate education for girls so young haha!

okay. i'm shutting up now! i love you beetle bob!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Virginia Beach

we live here now. well...not beach front property...but it's pretty much just around the yeah...we live here now!!! and yes you're right...'cause i know what you're thinkin'...i do indeed love it here! so here's all about northern chicago to virginia beach...

the movers came and packed us up on september 26th, and i vacuumed and cleaned behind them before we hit the road. i drove for about 6 hours that first day...tommy played on the computer...we make a good team on the road. if you really want to test your relationship, i honestly believe a good measure is a long road trip with your significant other. on a road trip you work as a least you should for a smoother journey. i prefer to drive and tommy prefers to be entertained with computer games and mobile we traveled together perfectly! we stayed in fredmont, ohio that first night. the second day, i drove for about 12 was a lovely part of the trip. the first day we drove through indiana and ohio...which were pretty states, but nothing to see and share about. pennsylvania and maryland and virginia were GORGEOUS to drive through!!! i wish i could have taken pictures along the way...but if tommy had driven, i would have gotten car sick anyway, and the pictures wouldn't have happened then either...le sigh. so that was tuesday that we got to virgina beach...

it was already dark outside, but i could still see the was yummy even without the sunlight...just choppy black waves in the silver moonlight:) we drove through a 3 mile tunnel...i believe we were under the ocean...yes...under the ocean...well water from the ocean anyway...and probably one of those spots were the water is managed in such a way that you can build a tunnel under it...but anyway! i thought it was cool...and claustrophobic...but cool. the GPS showed us driving surrounded by water.

our town home wouldn't be ready until friday, so from tuesday night to friday morning, we stayed in a hotel...near the a few blocks behind all of those ocean front resort places...we couldn't see the ocean at all from our hotel...but it was there...just over some buildings you know. on wednesday we rested...drove around a little...stopped at the beach for a quick our tennis shoes. yeah. tennis shoes. there may have been arrows hovering above our heads saying, "tourists!!! right here!!!" we had flip flops the next day. that night however, we saw serious storm clouds looming over the city and water...people were still running to the waves with their surf boards...must be a locals thing. we left and about 5 minutes later it was hard core thunder storming...i bet those surfers were done then;)

thursday, we found some flip flops and introduced kakashi to the ocean...

he was a little overwhelmed i believe...we laughed at him a little...i know...terrible parents. oh he loved it!!! but for a dog that usually goes crazy over water, he was more interested in the sea gulls and the sand...the ocean might be a little too big for him right now but i think he'll get use to it. something i'll never get use to is this...

my handsome husband :) he's gonna be so embarrassed i commented about him like that. tough:) i love this guy...he's super cute! i thought the water was going to be unbearable cold but he said it felt nice...i waded in a bit...didn't have my swimsuit...but my legs enjoyed the rushing waves, and it really felt nice actually! to document my presence on this momentous day i have the following photos...first by me and second by tommy...

so yes...i was there:) my body isn't exactly beach ready at this least i'm not comfortable with it right hopefully i can get my butt in gear and start working out hard core here pretty soon!!! must...lose...weight!!! must...lose...weight!!!

it was a nice day on the beach...i was happy we could all be together there, but i look forward to some ocean time with just tommy and me...kakashi just really wanted to chase some gulls and that wouldn't have worked...dogs have to be kept on a leash...sorry kakashi...

wook at dat cute wittle face!!! y'all may be interested to know that kakashi now has a wellness plan with banfield vets of pets mart...he will also be neutered this month...yay!!!

so now we are in our town home...we suffered a few days without furniture but our stuff is now here and i will be occupied a couple of days unpacking and decorating. gotta get it done quick so i can get a job quick and start meeting some virginia friends quick!!! i'll share more about this transition later. i really need to go call my mama. i just wanted to share a little bit with y'all since it's been a little while. so here i am...this oklahoma girl is now a beach babe!