Monday, March 18, 2013

The Common Thread

Y'all have probably noticed by now that I talk about depression pretty consistently. Well, it's a part of my daily life and therefore something that I deal with quite I want the topic to be a part of every post...even if it's just a sentence or a thought. I've updated my blogger profile to introduce this new direction, and I thought I would share it with y'all as well:

My name is Amy and I am a photographer and artist living in Virginia Beach with my Sailor husband, Tom, and our two year old beagle, Kakashi. I’m currently working a part time job and trying to get something going with my art. I love my husband and our dog and the life we have…I love the comfort and security that exists in my world. I have a very lovely life. But I suffer from clinical depression, and I’ve been battling it for more than a decade. Every day is a struggle…nothing is simple. Right now I’m trying to start a different path for treatment than what I’ve experienced in the past. In this blog you will read about my art, our lives, and about living with depression…I will try to be as honest as I can about how depression affects my every day. I want to be a voice for this illness and hopefully give hope to others that might be feeling as alone as I once felt, and sometimes still feel, in this ongoing struggle.

I have not had treatment for my depression since November, and it's been a difficult experience. I've spent more than ten years trying several different kinds of medication, but it is now time for something different...a new course. I'll definitely let y'all know how it goes and the steps I'll be taking soon. There is much more to tell! Hugs and love!

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