Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wine Tonight

I’m going to have a glass or two of wine tonight…I worked from Monday through today, and I haven’t worked this much in 2 years. Yes I feel like a sissy. Ha. Ha. But that’s okay because I’m grateful for my hard working husband and the care he’s provided and given our little family…he has been very patient and supportive these last 2 years of unemployment. I’m happy to be working again, however, and eager for the financial security that two incomes will provide. I miss sleeping as late as I want though. And since I’m still getting use to being a working adult again, I miss the easy upkeep of our house when I was just a full time house wife…as well as the energy to cook a good meal every night. I know that I’ll be able to handle it all once I get the hang of it again…I just wish I could get the hang of it like…instantly. Oh well! Anywho…I’m going to treat myself with some wine tonight…I think I deserve it!

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