Friday, November 13, 2015

Slow Down...Thanksgiving Before Christmas

We do Thanksgiving in this home...simple as rushing into Christmas here! I wrote something a couple of years ago called "No Skipping Thanksgiving," and the sentiment I had then is still true today! The key word is "savor." Remember when we were young and time moved so unbelievably slow? There's no denying how much it speeds up as we get older...seriously...2015 is almost over!!! And as I get older, the more sentimental and nostalgic I become; every moment is more precious and every holiday is more special. I wish I would have known that 2013 would have been the last year I got to spend Christmas with my grandma. I wish I had gone home last year for Thanksgiving because it was the last holiday my family got with Grandma. December 3rd will be the one year anniversary of her death; and a year ago during this time, these were the weeks I was praying for more time...

I miss my grandma every single day...I still have millions of tears to shed for her...the closer the holidays get and the closer the anniversary of her passing gets, the more challenging it will be to keep those tears under control. Oh my goodness...I can't even write about this now...too upsetting!

Anyway! Back to the point! Life moves and changes so the blink of an eye it seems sometimes! November is for Thanksgiving...a time to reflect and be grateful...a time to recognize and enjoy the blessings in my life. I hope all of you will take the time to slow down and savor this time of year. Hug and love your loved ones extra tight and extra long too; it could be your last chance.

And as always, hugs and love to you all, my lovelies!
Oh! And just so I'm sure I don't wish it too late, Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Quiet Peaceful Day and Night

Blogging from my phone but not using the blogger we'll see how this goes! Today was gray and rainy from the beginning and on...and I loved it! I watched episodes of Doctor Who and ate Eggo waffles and drank French vanilla coffee. A friend reached out to me from a dark place in her depression and I hope I gave her some comfort; I tried my best...words can only do so much as we all know. Tonight, I listened to my Beth Hart (Better Than Home) record and then my Miles Davis (Some Kind of Blues) record...ending with jazz on Pandora radio. Most of the lights were off and my candles and incense were mint tea in my Doctor Who teapot...the rain still chiming lightly and quietly along with my music...peace and relaxation...and A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail for inspiration and encouragement. Tonight was quiet...the first time I've really been alone in a long time with my friend and roommate on her way to California and my husband at work standing duty...just Kakashi and me. My day was simply peaceful...and so be it the word of the day! My friend had an extremely tough day with her depression and it always breaks my heart when those I love suffer...I hope she finds rest tonight and a brighter tomorrow. And for all of you who might have also had a terrible day with your mental illness, hugs and love from me, my lovelies...I'll keep praying for better days for all of you. Remember the things you loved to do before your depression? I know it's difficult making the effort to do those things again...but it really does help if you can. Maybe you use to sing or dance to the radio...or read outside or play guitar...try to find pleasure in them once more. I usually stray from doing any kind of art during my down days...sometimes months go by before I pick up a pastel or paintbrush. But when I start again, I always wonder why I stayed away from it for so long! Art makes me so incredibly happy...even if I'm expressing something angry or sad, I love having an outlet for my emotions; an outlet that is fun and fulfilling. Anyway...just wanted to throw that out there and share some pics of my night with jazz, tea, and art...

Goodnight, dear readers,

Saturday, November 7, 2015


This has to be quick; I'm just checking in really! The title of this post may sound familiar...think back on "Bam...Hitting the Brick Wall," and even as far back as "Depression Derailment...Ding Ding Ding!!!" There was a part two to that last one, but you get the picture! I'm just trying to tell y'all that life was moving along fluidly and pieces were falling into place, and then suddenly at the last possible moment the breaks were slammed and I screeched off my path and on to a new one! So! As I'm sure y'all can imagine, this caused a hiccup in my handling of my depression, and we all know how difficult it is to pick up and get going again...but I'm getting there...I'm recovery more quickly this time, so that is something I feel good about. Anyway! My plan is to get on here tomorrow and update y'all with the latest and greatest...but we'll see. All I wanted today was to say hello and I'll be back with depression and other mental illnesses can simply be unpredictable sometimes. I hope you are all well and wonderful! Hugs and love, my lovelies!

Peace out!
The Ro Fo Sho