Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Enough Of The Cold!

Today was irritating.

I am so extremely passionately excruciatingly tired of the cold weather...enough! It feels like it's been winter forever...like the cold has seeped all the way to the insides of my bones and I am a frigid frigid woman! The cold is terrible for my depression...like it slows everything down way too much...causing me to linger in a negative state of mind. Ugh.

These photos are from a walk Kakashi and I took two weeks ago...

I thought it was a glimpse at spring...that warmer weather and green and flowers and light jackets were just around the corner. And then it rained and snowed...it's been a mushy wet mess. I literally can't stand it anymore...it makes me angry...legit. Of course, that might be a bit of depression talking.

Anywho. I know that more comfortable weather will make me feel better...I'm eagerly waiting. I also have a doctor's appointment in April that I'm anxious for...desperate to get the chemical imbalance in my head back to balanced. Stupid illness.

Dear Spring, please get here and stay here! I would greatly appreciate it! Love, The Cold Irritated Angry Woman Sick Of Winter :)

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