Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Rejuvenation of Love

here is the picture i have talked about before signifying the change in my marriage. here is where i showed you a drawing that represented the turmoil i was feeling earlier in my marriage. i chose to use color, not because i feel like grays and blacks represent sadder times necessarily, but because it just seemed fresher to have color with this refreshing feeling! :) it took me FOREVER to complete this drawing due to the constant attention my puppy demands! but i'm happy with the way it turned out and okay with how long it took...in the end it was worth it!

this past weekend was memorial weekend, and i was super excited to have tommy with me for 3 days! he's gone at least 84 hours monday through friday with navy business such as school and duty days...inspections and physical tests...it's a lot of time apart and i hate it! when the weekend comes (as long as he doesn't have duty), that's all the time we really get to spend together! because of the holiday, he was off friday and would have been yesterday had he not had duty...oh well! we had the weekend at least:) the weather was complete shit which was frustrating but we made the most of it...i cooked hamburgers in the skillet...we had peach cobbler and ice cream...we spent time outside with kakashi...watched movies...played wordfeud on our phones against each other and peggle on the xbox...drank whiskey in sun drop soda and shared black and milds...played catch and tug with kakashi...kissed a lot:) it was a great weekend together!

now i'm lookin' forward to 2 weeks and 2 days...i will be traveling back to oklahoma with kakashi for a little visit with family and friends and our infamous annual river trip:) i'm really really really looking forward to this trip! it'll be a new experience for me as far as traveling...i will be driving and it will be about twice the longest distance i've driven before...and i will have a 6 month old puppy with me! yikes! it'll be okay...i'm a defensive and aggressive driver;) i will be so happy to see the people i love...but i can't help feeling sad to be leaving tommy for so long...and i can't help feeling sad knowing that when i leave oklahoma and come back to illinois, it'll be about 6 months before i get to go home again. this whole gettin' married and movin' away thing is a little tough! i love tommy and would go anywhere with him...but it's hard being away from family and friends. it's just weird! well anywho! kakashi is bein' chill right now so i really need to do some cleaning and try to be productive while he doesn't necessarily need me right now lol! :)

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