Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Uncertain Future

i'm working on a new prisma color drawing that will signify the change in my marriage. yep... writing about the marriage a little bit now:) i've always heard from the ambiguous "they" that the first year of marriage can be challenging...and that when you add the military, the level of the challenge intensifies! however, with every bit of marital advice i've received, there has been the constant disclaimer that every marriage is different...and i respect that and appreciate that awareness. it adds credibility to the advice in my opinion being my own of course:) i have not been given any bad advice on the topic of thank you to all of you who have offered such great pointers!

to be 100% honest here...i was afraid that it wasn't going to work with tommy and me. he doesn't really like me being so open about our personal affairs with such a large audience as the internet, but i think it's important to talk about the transition from bad to good because maybe it could give some random person in the universe hope in his or her own life. basically...i wondered if i was missing out on a better life...if maybe we just weren't the very best for each other...that there was someone better out there for each of us. it was a difficult and dark time...but to make a longish story short...we had some counseling and we communicated with each other and we broke down some walls and confronted some issues together. we pushed and challenged each other...and when it came to a point of changing or leaving...we found compromise and a love that couldn't be broken. it has been tested...and it has passed. we made our way to the other side. i guess i'm being a little vague. but if anyone reads this looking for me...if it's strong enough...if that love is dominating enough...there will be a solution...there will be healing. and i'm a very...very happy woman now. and i love my husband like i did the first moment i realized i was in love with him...but an infinite times more! :)

i expressed our turmoil through art of course. i won't explain my exact feelings on what it represented...i think the viewer will construct their own story. but this is when i was afraid for our future...i look forward to sharing the current drawing that expresses a new hope when it is completed:) this one is "an uncertain future"

the 2 hearts entwined in the spiral together has been the symbol i created for tommy and me since our engagement. it will be seen throughout my there's a nice revelation for anyone interested in the meanings of my future creations...the entwined hearts will always be tommy and me. and now you know...our journey together will be expressed forever in what i create. it will be a nice little adventure when i start adding other hearts to that symbol...that's a couple of years down the road just so y'all know:)


  1. This post makes me happy! I love you so much and have been worried about your emotional well-being. I was at SB's a few weeks ago when you called very upset, and I hated thinking about how sad you were and unhappy. So glad things are looking up and you all are working things out. Keith and I don't always see eye to eye, but the key for us has been complete openness and honesty. Love you bunches Amy RoFoSo!

  2. thank you suzanne! :) it was really really REALLY tough for a while...i didn't know if we could make it or if i wanted to! but yes the openness and honesty and communication gradually started to take effect and we are so much better...things are really great:) love you too!