Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photography on the Porch

kakashi and i like to be outside...kakashi all the when the weather is nice ;) this can cause some conflict, but that's not the topic today! luckily for both of us, the weather has been lovely since monday...sunny and warm with a gusty breeze. our porch faces east, so we get the direct sunlight before it gets too intense...and then as it falls behind us, we get plenty of shade. my fair skin does not like the sun...i freckle and's not fair. my sister and brother will both get brown in the sun...from our black and cherokee ancestry...but i got all the irish. tanning ages the skin anyway...i will maintain my youthfulness longer caring for my skin the way i do with spf. stevie nicks agrees with me. anyway! this is not the topic either! sheesh! stay on track woman!

i will tie kakashi up with enough slack so he can roam about pretty freely without getting in to places he's not the marshy stagnant water hole in the middle of the pet area and other people's porches:) so while he lazes about in the grass, i sit on the porch and make lists or spend some time on the laptop...i'll draw or play games on my cell...or texts friends back home. but today was all about photography on the porch. it's truly amazing how much one can capture in any size space. i told y'all before that i was going to work on abstract photography...i believe that i made some progress with that today...but i need to work on the crop of said photos. i'm not really all about massive amounts of post production stuff...but i do like to play with the crop and contrast a little...sometimes i hit the "auto levels" tool. so i'll work on those and share them later. is a unique perspective considered "abstract?" well, there's some flowers...or weeds?...growing on the side of our porch...yeah i'm not good with identifying botany type business...anywho and gumdrops! i shot them from their undersides...which pretty much every photographer has done...but it's always still a unique perspective. so i'll leave you with a bit of my porch photography from today:)

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  1. this picture is straight out of the camera by the post production! i admire photographers who share their captures untouched:)