Thursday, May 26, 2011


the windchill was 41 degrees thursday...that's right...i said may...windchill. back home in oklahoma, we would be talkin' 'bout the heat index. not here...nope...windchill. kakashi doesn't care about weather...he just wants to be outside. and since he's still a puppy being potty trained, every time he goes to the door, i have to take him out...he might legitimately need to...well ya know. so i had to bundle up in my winter coat...winter coat!!! dang! it's memorial weekend for cryin' out loud! should be warm and sunny with cookouts and fun outside! yesterday was better as far as temperature and we actually had some sunshine. today was the warmest but cloudy:( sad face.

anyway! that picture up there is of lake michigan. i'm just a short drive away from this great lake. i call it the ocean's seriously intense people. that's probably the best picture i have of it thus far. that particular day was my first warm day here and it was windy as all get out. as a photographer, it was a new experience freakin' out over sand potentially gettin' in the crevices of my camera...i'm pretty sure that as much as i tried to protect it, i failed a little bit. moving on. the weather here seems to be more dramatic than in is seriously almost JUNE and i'm still wearing hoodies and sometimes the winter coat to take the dog outside...not cool. ha. actually it is cool...but not in the "cool" way. ha ha ha. *cough* sarcasm!

just a little bitter. all right now! let's not be so pessimistic this weekend! tommy got a 3 day weekend for memorial weekend so i've really enjoyed all the time together. i just wanted to write a little bit and exhibit some photography...since i'm technically a photographer...that's my legitimate nationally recognized profession...but my heart has been in the abstract and my photography leans more toward documentary. but now that i've written this...i'm challenging myself...time for some abstract photography. aren't you so happy to be part of this revelation? well my friends, let's see where this takes us!

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