Monday, May 9, 2011

Tommy's Windmill

i wanna go ahead and share this next oil pastel's my least favorite...i still kind of like it though so there must be something my brain finds pleasing about it! :) i started with the idea of doing something along the same lines as "amanda and jack" but it took on a new direction. when tommy came home from school, he told me it looked like a i built off of that when i saw that it wasn't turning out like i wanted it.

so here is "tommy's windmill"

he frustrates me when it comes to art. he doesn't understand art and why people would pay so much money for art. for example...i own three 16x20 photos that 2 well known photographers gave me permission to print for my own personal use. i only had to pay for the cost of printing which was less that $6 a print...i spent about $75 all together to have them framed. i went to the gallery exhibit at their studio where they were displaying and selling several framed photographs including the 3 that i own...each framed photo was priced at $350. i felt lucky to have gotten the deal i got...but also proud and honored that these photographers cared about me enough to share their art with me. i told tommy that they were each well worth the price they were asking and he was totally stunned at the idea. since that exhibit, tommy and i have had countless discussions on the topic of art. to make a long story short...he finally came to understand that art that is sold for seemingly high prices are done so because they are truly "one of a kind." there isn't a mass production usually unless we start talkin' stock photos and art. an artist has to make a living! :) he may frustrate me with his lack of interest in art...but i know he supports what i do and i know he wants me to achieve success with it too...this is all i need from him.

so how much would you pay for a piece of art you really like? or what is the most you ever paid for original art? remember that jewelry and hair accessories and one of a kind clothing are all forms of art too...just to name a few that is:)

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