Friday, May 6, 2011

Amanda and Jack

well, it's taken me a while to get this blog going! i apologize to those who have been waiting eagerly to hear from me...'cause i know there are so many of you! ha! well anyway! like you can read in my "about me" section, the concept of this blog has changed numerous times...but i finally settled on it being a part of my art. i want to share the process and my thoughts along the way that lead to the final results! not like an art lesson though...there is nothing to be learned in my drawings and paintings and such except for maybe composition and the inner workings of my mind...if anyone even really wants to go there! i've got quite a bit to share now...but i'm going to spread it out and try to stay ahead with something new as often as i can...this seems like it will also help keep me motivated to keep creating! yay! so it's a win win for everybody:)

okay so here's a brief summary of the most recent transition in my life. i married tommy in december and followed him up here to illinois due to his current life as a navy man. but i'm not going to write about married life specifically...not now anyway. it's been challenging and dramatically different than what i expected...but i'm not gonna write about that right now either. i haven't made any friends, haven't gotten a new job, and haven't joined or volunteered for any military support groups or such...but i'm not going to write about that either...not now anyway. i've wallowed around in depression, cried buckets, seen doctors, and a bunch of that crap but i'm not goin' there either. not right now anyway. what i have done and what i will write art:)

this first piece was created on a night i was drinkin' jack daniels mixed with some coke in one of my pretty blue glasses...the details are always relevant to what i create. sometimes because of being a direct inspiration and sometimes because i just...well i don't really know. moving on! i was also talking to my dear friend amanda. it's important to note that she is my favorite. truly. i must also say that i have more than one favorite:) anyway. she was the first friend to call me when i got up here...we spent the most time together before i left so withdrawals were totally expected! while we talked and i drank i felt compelled to grab my sketch book and oil pastels.

here's something y'all might like to know. well, somethin' y'all should know actually! don't ever ask, "what is it?" or "what does it mean?" my art comes from an abstract place in my head. sometimes there's a tangible object and sometimes there's not! it might just be a bunch of shapes or colors or lines or doodles. each creation has a special meaning for me...but it's only an interpretation of what i'm thinking about or feeling...i can't make the viewer experience those same thoughts. so! whatever you see is whatever it is to you! if you happen to see what it is to me, then my thoughts came through nice and clear or you got lucky or you're on the same wavelength. so please don't ask me to define or explain.

i don't have a title. i might go with something obvious like, "amanda and jack." we'll see! this was the first drawing completed in illinois and remains one of my favorites. i happen to have some viewer opinions! here you go!:)

amanda: "I see a dog figure up in the swirls and reddish area near the top left."

bryan: "
I got nothin. I suck at Magic Eye's. ;) Seriously though, I think it's well composed!"

sarah: "
I see a woman with blue spiky hair, a worm with a bib and sailors hat and a scary Ursula looking chick. That's just me though ; )"

joyce: "
A bear being carried off by an huge eagle to the purple mountains as the world explodes in volcanoes. Looks a bit angry."

i hope readers will find entertainment in my coming posts. i'm excited to share more art! a friend once told me that it seemed i was lucky enough to use both sides of my brain with equal strength...that i could be practical and impractical...i considered this a compliment! since i don't have a job right now, i feel like i'm constantly in a state of impracticality and it's total bliss! i haven't had a creative surge like this in years! i hope it is enjoyed! goodbye for now! here's amanda and me:)

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