Friday, November 7, 2014

Stressing Stressful Stresses

My stomach has been hurting on and off again for days heartburn pain but sometimes radiating in pulses from low in my belly to high in my chest...Tums and Alka-Seltzer provide little and very temporary relief. I think it's an ulcer...created by stress...oh the stress is overwhelming! It feels like a bundle of frayed and glitchy wires sparking and burning at random if I start to feel too comfortable for too long,'s a round of spasms of pain to remind you that things are not at all comfortable right now! I can't really share any details, dear ones, so I'm sorry for that, but I appreciate y'all being there for me to just vent a little bit! I do have a plan, though, that I started today...hunting for a job. I was waiting until after my husband deploys so that we could have as much time together as possible, but it doesn't seem like as much of a concern for him as his concern for me working. I've faced the reality, so I've spent hours today trolling the internet. Fingers crossed, positive vibes, and prayers would be great, lovelies! I found a professional printing company right on the street I live on...their site didn't list any career opportunities, but I emailed them anyway! Other than that, everything else just doesn't appeal to me. Working for years and then not working for a couple of years really screws you up! Well I think so anyway. Companies are greedier than ever; they expect more work from an individual in a little amount of time. So after re-entering the job world I found myself easily irritated and frustrated...too much stupid in too little time. Sigh. Anyway...

Financial stress is always the worst. It makes other stresses even more's the stress that contributes to other stresses. I'm sure there are many more ways to say it, haha, but I think I've made my point. I'll share more of my plan as it unfolds...hopefully I can report bits of success along the way!

Well, Tom's ship is home and we've got a lot of Sailors over here, so I should probably be a good hostess now! Thanks again for letting me vent a bit! Now let me see what picture might be relevant to this post...

This was from earlier today...a little fenced in space I let the dogs run around in. Great thinking spot! So now y'all can see the very place where my thoughts for this post were...ummm...thought of. Hahaha...good times good times!

All right, y'all! Have a great weekend and hugs and love, my lovelies!

The always pensive,
Ro Fo Sho

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