Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lost and Grasping

Hello, dear ones! I've been outta town for a couple of weeks and just haven't found the time to write. I'm also still struggling with my depression, but I'm doing my best...getting up every day and pushing through. Some challenges have come to light that will be demanding my attention, and some sadness has been shared that will be pressing on my heart. Right now I feel lost...just lost. Every little and big matter is up in the air simply hovering out of reach...I'm grasping for answers, solutions, hope, and clarity. If I could be summed up in one word right now, it would probably be discombobulated! Sigh. Anyway. This trip has had some great moments, and I've cherished the time with my friends...I will miss them terribly as always!

Halloween was a blast as usual, so I managed a few cell phone pics. First I'm going to share some from an early Halloween party Tom and I hosted earlier in the month since we were going to be apart on the day of...

As you can see...ahem...I like to get in to the spirit! Haha! We had a blast and I met some new and great people! Here in Virginia I tried for the same scary kind of look...I freaked the trick or treaters out!

Good times I tell ya...good times! Haha! It's definitely Autumn here in Virginia...I left a very green and warm Florida and arrived in a crisp and colorful fall! I just have a cell pic, but I intend on shooting tomorrow before I head home on Tuesday...

Oh yeah! Here's my pumpkin I carved...

Classy right? Right. Oh I amuse myself :)

Okay. Well. That's all I want to write about now. I received some very upsetting news about my grandma, and I'm not ready to talk about it yet. I would appreciate the prayers though! I will be back soon, y'all! Hugs and love, my lovelies!

Ro Fo Sho

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