Friday, November 21, 2014

Prayer Warriors and Loving Thoughts

I've called my grandma a few times these last few weeks, and every time causes me to miss her more! When we talked a few days ago, she sounded so defeated it broke my heart. However, along with that defeated tone, there was an undertone of anger, which was encouraging knowing that her spirit is still of the fighting sort! This morning, she was her usual upbeat self, always answering my calls with, "Hi, sweetie!" She wants me to come home right now, and I definitely wish I could be there with her. Finances and a variety of this and that really complicate the desire to visit family more often. I'm praying that she stays strong and determined for as long as possible so that when I am able to come home, she and I can have some more time together...good time. There it is...what everyone wants...just a little more time! One thing I do know and have witnessed is the power of prayer, and I'm so grateful for all the prayer warriors raising her up to God. And I'm grateful for the people who don't pray but instead send out positive and loving vibes and thoughts for her as well!

I want to write about other things, but I will share them in another entry. This one needs to just be for grandma! Thank you again for the prayers and positive and loving vibes and thoughts! I know they give her strength!

Hugs and love, my lovelies!

photo from 2012

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