Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Photographic Summary Part III

I feel like I need to hurry up and put some color and life on this blog! I know the past couple of posts have had a very different tone than usual, but I simply had to be honest and real and in your face...I hope y'all understand. Right now, though, let's focus on the purpose of life and dismiss that which would try to stop live and love and live live LIVE and LOVE!!! This photographic summary is a little one...just a few snapshots of the first few days in Florida. Oh but first! Just so y'all know! The move down here was one of the most stressful and irritating times in my life! Seriously for real for real! I drove down here once to find a place to live. Then I drove back to Virginia. About two weeks later I drove down to Florida again to get all of our stuff moved in. Drove back to Virginia. A week later I made the final journey and enjoyed a few days of bliss before everything got all difficult and irritating again! Anywho! I'll give a brief little tid bit for each pic...

My friend Elizabeth was with me on that final journey down here. My sofa was loaded up in her truck. We got in late, so we immediately went to sleep. The next morning the sofa needed to be unloaded asap. But first, we had to move boxes around to make room, and that seemingly easy job required some heavy manual labor. Getting the sofa, two sections that is, out of the truck, through the door, and into the living room was enough exercise for a week's worth! We were sweating like pigs and thirsty as all get out! We had one bottle of Gatorade and just two crystal glasses unpacked...I call this a fancy hydration break haha!

That space you see there in the bottom left picture was packed with boxes before shuffling them around to get the couches in there. Ugh. I hate unpacking!!!

Engine 15...super cool bar...yummy beer...delicious food...what else is there to say? I had the Sheboygan for my meal, but I can't remember the names of the beer!

I think my feet got dirty every day. They still do. The ground is super soft and there's lots of dirt...obviously. I walk Kakashi in my flip flops usually but I also have my junk tennis shoes with the soles coming detached. Dirty feet either way...this was after taking off my tennis shoes...hence the reason they look a bit alien like haha!

Most fabulous sushi lunch date ever with my buddy, Karla! This was GLORIOUS!!! Oh man I'm craving it now!!!

Another cool bar called The Pub. Located in the absolutely adorable and beautiful town of St. Augustine...Karla and I enjoyed a couple of beers before her dad and his coworker met us for dinner. The Pub was British themed and very laid back with the hole in the wall kind of vibe going. There was also a sweet old dog roaming around.

Dinner with Karla's dad and coworker at Salt Life. Cool atmosphere and great food! Can't wait for my husband and I to go together! Karla's dad, Brian, paid for my sweet...I was very grateful!

And lots of time poolside...a refreshing break from seemingly never ending unpacking! And guess what...I still have boxes to unpack!

My next share will involve my handsome hubby in his sexy dress whites uniform haha! Live and love and enjoy life!

Hugs and love, my lovelies!

Ro Fo Sho

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