Monday, September 8, 2014

A Photographic Summary Part 1

Part one will be a photographic summary of my trip down to Florida to hunt for a house. My husband is on the U.S.S. Iwo Jima, and they recently changed home ports from Norfolk to Mayport, it was time to start looking for our next home. I went down with my very good friend, Karla. She introduced me to some Florida staples such as; Sonny's, Bev's, Zaxby's, Publix subs, Grannie's, and Ginnie Springs. And we had lots of fun swimming in the Springs, singing karaoke, shooting off a cannon, exploring graveyards, and more! Being in Florida felt a lot like being back home in Oklahoma, but there were some big differences (aside from the Atlantic Ocean being right there lol). The moss hanging from the trees is absolutely lovey and ethereal. The buzzards come a lot closer to town than I've ever seen before. Driving through the countryside looks like any other countryside except for the pops of palm trees dotted along the way. The heat is a horrible humid heat compared to the heat in body is definitely trying to's becoming a little more tolerable I suppose haha! Ha. And there are lizards EVERYWHERE! All in all I really love it here! I really do! I'm going to be lazy with this summary and just share cell phone pics. I know I know...bad photographer, Amy, bad photographer! I just haven't loaded my "real" photos and I'm anxious to get back on track with y'all! Anywho! Our house hunt was successful and we found condos right next to each other! I hope you enjoy the snapshots!

Karla was living almost next door to me until a break up moved her almost 2 hours away, and it's been a hard time adjusting without my buddy and native Floridian. So I just want to shout out some love for one of my best friends...thanks for showing me around and giving me the run down on your beautiful state! Love you and can't wait to hang out with you again, Karla!

Next photographic summary will be about saying goodbye to my sister soul mates in of the hardest farewells of my life!

Cherish your friends, and hugs and love, my lovelies!

The Ro Fo Sho

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