Saturday, May 10, 2014

Leaving This Place for the 3rd Time aka Last Time

Sitting in the furniture aisle at work. Shoppers shuffling their feet as they walk by. Happy children and screaming children.

Advertisements blaring. Florescent lights glaring.

I've worked for this company two times before. I'm the best at what I do. Over qualified really...but it just makes it easier.

Head is steadily aching. Nerve is gradually breaking.

I leave in less than three weeks. I will not work for this company again.

Big retailers are getting more greedy. Customers are getting more needy.

This third time here, not at all a charm. But I've met good people. Brought joy to my customers. Been inspired by others.

So long 1 hour photo lab.
I've got some dreams to grab!

Hello dear ones! Yes...yes I am blogging at work haha! These last few days have been challenging...hence the inspiration for my little...a bit cheesy...poem.

I've got some work to do after I leave here...boring practical things. But before I find another job, I'm going to do some renovating on The Ro Fo Sho! And that means from working on my own health to truly dedicating myself to my art and my blog. I forsee the more than mediocre life I've always wanted...part of it has been that way thus far but I know the majority will soon be taken over! And thank heavens for my husband! I couldn't do it without my hard working, supportive, not to mention devilishly good lookin' man!

Making changes and still kicking depression butt! We just have to...don't let depression, whether clinical, situational, or temporary, keep you from your dreams for too long. Otherwise, it takes longer to start seeing the possibility of those dreams coming true!

Hugs and love, my lovelies!
The Ro Fo Sho

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