Thursday, May 15, 2014

Girls Day! Karla and The Ro Fo Sho Edition!

My friend, Karla, and I use to consistently have the same days off together until both of our employers decided to shake are schedules up. So we had a series of "bummer" weeks when we realized none of our days off aligned! Finally, yesterday we both had the same day off! Whoo hoo!

Okay first, here's something to note. My husband and her fiance are on the same that's why we like to get together so often...our men are gone at the same time when the ship is out! (My friend, Whitney's fiance is also on the same ship...I'll tell you about our sushi dates another time.)

When I first became a part of this military lifestyle, it was challenging during those times when he was away. Thankfully, I had my life savers/ sisterfriends, Anna, Clairessa, and Regina (which will also be featured in later Girls Day Editions), and I still have them! They were and have always been there for me, and I'm forever grateful! Tom being gone got easier to handle when I was with my gal pals! Karla came in to my life after their 2012 deployment.

The really great thing about my friendship with Karla is the convenience of our guys on the same ship and the convenience that we're literally right down the street from each other! I love spontaneous get togethers, and Karla and I get to have those all the time! But, it's always nice to plan something too...and when we found out we had the same day off together...Girls Day!!!

Yesterday morning, we both thought the same thing and invited one another over for breakfast...great minds think alike! Karla won the toss and we shared a delicious breakfast and coffee at her place. She does have the Keurig, and that's always a winning option!

The weather was wonderful! Blue skies and lots of sunshine...nice and warm too! Our first stop, the Navy Exchange (NEX). We're actually not the greatest companions for each other when we shop because we encourage each other to, "yeah you should totally get that!" Haha which means we are more likely to spend more money...oh well who cares? Hahaha! Nothing specifically fun to share about that adventure, except that on the way out we couldn't resist a pretzel! Sooo yummy!

The warmth and bright skies inspired us to go to the beach of course. Instead of going to the Oceanfront tourist beach, we went to the beach at the Little Creek Base...obviously you have to possess a military ID, so the beach doesn't get so crowded, and it's great! Close by and convenient...gotta love it! However! I'm not exaggerating in the slightest bit! With the gate in sight, the skies were turning gray; and as we crossed in to base, there was a fog hovering all around us. We. Were. Bummed. But, we kept on driving and went ahead and set up on the beach with a bit of chill in the wind and an eerie mist on the horizon. It was her puppy's first time at the beach and Kakashi's first time in a long time! We buried our toes in the sand and snacked on fresh guacamole I whipped up and tried to make the most of it. It was really was...but it would have been nicer without our dogs...or with our men to help take care of the dogs. Kakashi and her German Shepard, Athena, were straight up jerks. They would not chill out or be cool at all....Athena ate sand and Kakashi ate dried up seaweed....they shook their sandy bodies right next to us every time. I think we lasted an hour before we were like, "Okay I've had Yeah." And right as we're driving through the gate to and sunny skies again. Kid you not.

So we settled on enjoying the last few hours of sunshine by the pond at my apartment...Kakashi and Athena right along with us. We attached their leads to the iron fence posts at the back of a little sun deck on the water. Aaaaannnndddd...Athena got a little clumsy on the stairs and fell in the pond. A pond currently filled with algae. Totally yuck looking. Karla quickly grabbed the lead and I hauled Athena out of the water thus soaking myself in water and green goo. After the drama calmed down...Kakashi thought he should jump in too...and again...I hauled his stinky wet dog butt outta of it. Then, we moved to the grass with a rocky barrier between us and the pond. Our next Girls Day will not include our fur babies...those punks caused a lot of stress haha! Time with Kakashi and Athena will have to include time with our men to help us deal with our hell raisers.

Despite all of the mishaps, Karla and I enjoyed our Girls Day and definitely had some laughs. We're also pretty sure we witnessed two ducks gettin' it on...not 100% sure...but a good story to wrap up the day!

Cheers to Girls Day! Hope y'all are startin' your summer time fun! Hugs and love, my lovelies!

Amy Ro Fo Sho

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