Monday, May 19, 2014

My Crazy Morning Hair

My hair has a life of it's own. Srsly. And yes I intentionally spell seriously like that at times when you must pronounce it as written...srsly.

I guess I never really took much notice of it until it became an expectation every time I stayed with my friends Anna and Clairessa. We live about 20 minutes apart, so when we plan on drinking when we hang out, I end up spending the night...'cause that's the responsible thing to do, folks! Listen to your elder!

We began to realize a trend; I would wake up with hair that looked like I had either an..ahem...entertaining night in bed...or a head banging with hair spray at a rock concert night in bed. So we woke with laughter...isn't that how life should be? Oh...and just to be clear...entertaining nights or hair is always like this in the morning...and even after naps...just from sleeping, y'all!

Anyway! I've started to document my crazy morning hair, and when I'm not with my gal pals, I text Anna a picture. It's time to take the next step and share it with you, my darling readers. This blog addresses some hard hitting issues, so it's a must that I share some silliness too! I hope you all enjoy!

This is dedicated to The Honcoops and Clairessa! Hugs and love to them and to you all, my lovelies!

Crazy Morning Hair Lady

p.s. This is morning time. No makeup, puffy faced, and melatonin laced. Don't be haters, people! lol

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