Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beach Party

Today was sleepy. In addition to the "word of the day," I will also share just a little update on my continuous fight with depression. I still believe fatigue is the contributing factor...the main one that is! My struggle with my weight has also been bringing me down. You know how people will say that they don't gain weight...that they're just small? That always kind of makes me mad because I'm supposed to be small too...I didn't gain weight either...I had a rock star metabolism...and then I got sick and everything changed. Anyway! I'm just trying to say that my self confidence is stunted right now, and my insecurities make my journey through depression more difficult. But I'm trying to do something about right, exercise, and keep active. Oh and in case anyone is of that stuff I listed has ever helped with fatigue. I great right? At least I have to stay on my toes with the lovely assortment of challenges I face day to day. So there's my little update. Again I must emphasize to all those who suffer with clinical depression to keep pushing yourself to a place of healing...don't ever give up the fight!

Moving on!

Yesterday my husband and I joined our friends at a beach party given by our marine friend's command. It was a wonderful good time!!! I've only had a few moments this season where I truly felt like it was summer, and last night was definitely one of those moments! We ate good food, drank cold beer, listened to music, threw a football, splashed in the waves, and enjoyed each others company on the shore with a gorgeous sunset for a backdrop! It was so relaxing and invigorating at the same time! I hope that we have more beach visits before the rapidly approaching end of this summer! And I hope y'all enjoy the picture overload that's about to happen :) My husband made the comment, "You took a lot of pictures of the sky." I explained, "Honey, I had to get all the stages of the sunset!" He just laughed and shook his head...there are just some things he'll never understand...oh well! Soak up the summer, dear ones, and I'll write again soon...hugs and love, my lovelies!

p.s. All of these photos are straight out of the camera except I cropped one. I may or may not go back and do some editing :)

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