Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Any Compassionate & Decent Doctors Out There!?

Doctors don't want to treat addicts anymore. That seems to be the most common response anyway. And you know what...that really really...REALLY pisses me off! This whole "pain pills dependency epidemic" was created by doctors, right? Their patients continued to complain about pain, and their response was to just give out the pills! And now, they don't even want to care for those patients with those addictions anymore! There are so many policies and guidelines in place now (that should have been present before) that really keep the doctors liable...penalties are dealt left and right, and they're so afraid of messing up that they're just throwing up their hands and saying, "I won't treat addicts!" Of course, I'm not trying to say that this is the only reason or explanation...but there's no doubt that it did happen in several cases. The assumption appears to be that if an addict is seeking a doctor, they're only actually seeking the pills. But what about the addicts who are on a pain management program? They are taking care of their addiction and pain with other facilities, but they need other doctors for colds, infections, and so many other illnesses that we all deal with whether we're dependent on pain medicine or not! Seriously!

I will say that the majority of statements I read on social networking sites are simply judgmental. Some people do take advantage of programs, and some people are really just looking to get high. But who the hell decided that the actions of a few people should define the other millions looking for a compassionate and decent doctor? Rage...this causes me to feel rage!

The point of all this is very simple. I need a primary care doctor to see one of my family members. This family member manages the pain and addiction...the program that helps this family member with the pain and addiction can not help with the medical needs that are needed...the symptoms could be a result of the pain management treatment or not. Regardless...this person deserves to be seen and cared for without judgment or prejudice.

I am SO SICK of the judgment and prejudice in this country. Come on people! Stop defining everybody and  everything on the actions of a few! If you know a primary care doctor that will take care of my family member, I would very much appreciate the help! Needed in Norman, OK.

*update* Called 5 doctors this morning. One wasn't accepting new patients, and I left messages with the nurses of the other 4. Two called me back. I missed one of the calls, but the voicemail didn't sound very friendly. The nurse I did talk to, Nola, knew exactly where I was coming from and understood how badly my family member had been treated in the past. I will share this doctor's name and contact info after her appointment if I think he's going to take good care of my family. Fingers crossed! Prayers up!

Dear ones, I'll definitely be ranting a little bit more on this blog...however, it will be from a place in my heart...which does not judge, strives for peace, and only wants the best for humanity. Hugs and love, my lovelies!

Ro Fo Sho out! ;)

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