Tuesday, April 29, 2014

30 Reasons Why I Love My Husband So Very Much!

I met my husband 8 years ago, and it was actually only about a month before his 22nd Birthday. He invited me to his party, but I couldn't go because this is when my mama just had her back surgery, so I needed to be with my family. Tom and I flirted in those days via text messages and...wait for it...MySpace!!! Lol!!! On MySpace, Tom expressed how bummed he was that I couldn't come to his party; I said that he needed to have a drink for me; and he said, "There will be several drinks to Amy!" Haha, I thought this was so cute! Aww I miss the early flirtation days! Anyway! A couple of weeks after his birthday, we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend! Tomorrow, he turns the big 3 & O, and I'm so happy my husband will finally be joining me in this 30's decade of life haha!

My plans for celebrating this significant birthday are, in my opinion, quite excellent! Tom has no enthusiasm for birthdays, but I love them! So even though he's all, "it's no big deal," about it, I am very excited! And, I love my husband so much that I know I can list 30 reasons why and therefore how grateful I am that he was born. Here goes!

I love my husband so very much, and I'm so grateful he was born because:

1. He was and is the best flirt I've ever known...the butterflies I still get are amazing!

2. When we were dating, on a camping trip, he gathered me in his arms and asked, "Will you be my girlfriend?" Oh yes I will!

3. His eyes were the biggest and bluest when he first said, "I think I love you. I know I love you." It was on grandma's front porch and I think I probably could have kissed him forever in that moment.

4. I remember the shirt he was wearing on our first kinda date/ group date...pale pink striped button up...we had our first kiss and couldn't stop kissing!

5. We use to say, "I love you tons and tons," and we still sometimes say it or we'll use other measurements to express it because we're cheesy lol!

6. The first time he asked me to marry him was only 3 months after we started dating! It actually took four and a half years before we did get married, but I love that he never gave up on me.

7. Our friends and family say that sometimes he looks like Tobey Maguire or Daniel Radcliffe...but...

8. His lips are so much nicer than these actors...I love his lips!

9. Tom has a nice butt. He'll be so embarrassed, but it's true...I love his badonkadonk lol!

10. He can't do accents except for one that kinda sounds Indian like Apu from the Simpsons. And if he tries other accents, they always end up sounding like Apu's! Oh! But he can do a pretty good exaggerated southern accent too!

11. When he's hyper, he'll randomly bust out in some crazy dances...I'm determined to get them on video some day!

12. He forgives me when I act like a total bitch towards him...and I always feel badly when I do!

13. I love his chin...I can't exactly explain why...I just do.

14. He looks really great with a goatee...can't wait till he's out of the Navy and can grow one again!

15. I'm proud he joined the Navy at 26 years old. He didn't like the jobs he kept working and so he did something about it.

16. Wives claim this all the time, but it's so very true here. He is so very smart! And y'all can trust me on this because ignorant people annoy the hell outta me!

17. I love the stories his mama tells me about when he was a little boy. He was so smart and therefore a trouble maker and smart ass...God Bless his mama for raising a little punk kid in to the amazing man he is! Love you, Joyce!

18. He makes me laugh :)

19. His predictive texts gone wrong are so incredibly hilarious!

20. He calms me down...all he has to do is put his arms around me when I'm terribly upset.

21. He loves the outdoors like I do!

22. His patience is like a gift from God!

23. He's always surprising me with "just because" flowers...oh how I love just because flowers!

24. When he decides to do a little house work of his own freewill...le sigh...

25. He always picks out the best gifts for me! Seriously! I have such a wide range of things I like, and he always gives me something that appeals to every single one of them!

26. He doesn't mind my snoring lol!

27. I'm so grateful for his hard work and that he provides for our little family!

28. He loves our dog, Kakashi...and I love it when he wrestles with him...it's a hoot!

29. Whenever we go through hard times in our relationship, he works at it and we work together to get through the obstacles...and we're stronger every time.

30. I love that 8 years ago, Tommy fell in love with me and has kept on loving me all this time. He has been such an important part of the woman I've become, and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Tommy, I'm so grateful you were born! So grateful you are a part of my life! I love the laughter and silliness in our relationship. I love you tons and tons ;)

Always making goofy faces

Our 3 year Wedding Anniversary

Thank you, dear ones, for indulging me in my proclamation of love for my husband...y'all are the best! Hugs and love, my lovelies!

The Super Grateful and Crazy Wife of Tom,
p.s. I apologize for the large amount of "haha's"...it happens though...haha! Ha!

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