Friday, June 10, 2011


my earliest memories involve art...i believe i've made that apparent before...sorry if my repetitiveness is happens! the first things i can remember drawing were people. i started with a large circle...encompassing most of the page. their bodies were triangles connected right underneath the giant circle head. the arms and legs were simply lines sticking straight out with circles on the ends for hands and feet. the eyes were circles...the girls had eyelashes but the boys did not:) the nose was a little circle and the mouths were just a curved line. the hair was usually curly for the girls and spiky for the boys. as i got older i noticed the shape of our faces were more of a "u" or oval shape rather than a circle plate face! i started copying other drawings and noticed how facial features were drawn and started doing those more realistically as well. my mama and my grandma could draw and i learned from them too. there is quite a bit more about the development and learning process as to how i learned to draw, but the focus today is faces.

my dad once asked me why i drew so many different faces all the time. i was probably about eleven years old or so and very insecure with my own my response was that i liked drawing pretty faces because i wished my face was prettier. my dad of course rubbed my back and told me how pretty i was...which i of course smiled and thanked him, but knew he had a biased opinion! i must say that lookin' back at pictures of my youth, i was a pretty cute kid! the things i disliked about myself became things i love about myself...freckles and pale skin...or things that were corrected by doctors such as crooked teeth and a genetic gum condition (which after braces and surgery left me with a smile i love). at the time i thought my tan blonde sister who was taller and more athletic than me was far prettier than me...i was very i said...but i grew out of it! i'm not always too pleased with my face, but it's my face and i love myself so i love my face:)

as i grew as an artist, i became more particular about faces being just right... which too me was symmetry...which is not really true life...but i guess the "ideal" beauty is such. anyway! one thing i lack and will be apparent quite often in my ramblings, is patience! so out of my lack of patience, evolved the "half face" i so often draw! i have these 2 to share that you see above and will see below, but i don't know what to title them! and in case you are wondering, no i do not wish my face resembled these and no i don't draw them wishing for beauty to be bestowed upon me. i think my desire to draw these faces comes from my affection for my in my eyes and my mouth...hell even my nose...i love these features of mine. i love how big and green my eyes are and how full my mouth nose is nicely proportioned. yay for me having positive body image! (my only dislike is my giant forehead but no big deal!) anywho and gumdrops! i love drawing these types of images...but i don't know what kind of series to call them or how to title them individually. any ideas would be appreciated? but if i receive none...i'm sure i'll come up with something!

so with this last image, i leave you with this...find a positive image for yourself...and be in love with yourself. everyone has at the very least one feature they can identify as a something they like about themselves. i believe if people start finding and discovering these things about themselves...start loving themselves for what's inside and out...they will know a greater happiness in life.

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