Sunday, November 17, 2013

Overwhelming October...New November

So much for blogging "very soon" as I shared in my last entry! Turns out October is a little bit overwhelming! It has always been my favorite month very simply because it's my birthday month and the beginning of delicious fall weather, but this year I think I overloaded my plate a bit. There was my birthday weekend, my friend's birthday weekend, Halloween party weekend, and then the Marine Corps Ball (which was technically the beginning of November, but I still group it with October so there).

I got super behind on laundry and my wifely duties...ha...ha...haha...ha. The husband didn't seem to mind, but the mess drove me a little bit crazy! It was actually enjoyable catching up on my chores and making my home presentable again...ugh...that makes me feel old!

I've been totally kicking butt with my fight with depression. It's been a relief feeling genuinely happy without the shadowy presence of my illness hovering about! I'm still struggling with fatigue, so my doctor wants me to do a sleep study...I haven't set that up yet, but I will asap! I can't imagine what could be doctor's only thought was maybe hyper insomnia...we'll see I suppose! I'll keep y'all updated of course!

But anywho! Since October was just a bit too much, my attitude towards November has been to take it life a little different...out with some old routines and habits and in with a good dose of newness! We're halfway through the month and I've spent some time with new friends, reconnected with old friends, got a new piercing (cartilage) and a new tattoo (needs work), and I've been expressing thankfulness every day. I'm also determined to blog more...which I've said numerous times before...fingers crossed!

Okay then...that's enough for now! I'll leave you with flowers my husband brought me...he's so wonderful about "just because" gestures of love...makes me smile :)

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