Monday, November 25, 2013

No Skipping Thanksgiving

I want to savor Christmas. I don't want to rush it at all! The anticipation is part of the magic of the season. So, therefore, I don't skip Thanksgiving because I want to savor it as well, and relish in the knowledge that the day is very simply a time to be not enjoy food, family, and friends with the parade, games, football, and relaxation. Sigh...what a blissful day : ) I also love fall decorations as much as Christmas decorations. The foliage outside is decoration year I plan to do some crafts to bring the outdoors indoors. But I love the simple elements of Autumn that I get to incorporate in my home even though my collection is sparse at this time in my life. I also did a little bit of redecorating when I put my fall decor before and after photos show some of my Halloween decorations as well, so just remove the Jack 'O Lanterns from the pictures ; ) Also, they're not the greatest photos, but you'll get the idea!


After. Remember to ignore the Halloween elements ; )

And the other day, I added this cute little dude...

The past couple of Thanksgiving were spent with my good friends, the Honcoops, and it's kind of a bummer we'll not be together this'll be a bit weird. However, it will be the first year, since we've been married, that we'll celebrate the holiday in our own home. Therefore, I'm excited to see how the day will go and what traditions we'll start. And even though I have to work the next day, we'll still drink some spiked apple cider, eat a bunch a food, laze about on the couch...and it'll be a happy happy day! Hugs and love, my lovelies : ) Oh...and Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. My lovely wonderful grandma did the painting above the I will cherish always!

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