Friday, September 13, 2013

Missing Oklahoma Just A Bit

 I miss Oklahoma all the time. My husband doesn't get it...he always questions, with enormous amounts of disbelief in his tone, "Why?!" The biggest reason I miss home so much is because of our families. My husband is comfortable with once a year type visits, but I would prefer a once a month type visit at the very least...which is of course impossible unless we were millionaires with a private jet...but we're not! So anywho! I want to see them on birthdays, have family nights, share the holidays, watch football together...and right now...I want to go to the Oklahoma State Fair!!!

My mama called me last night from the fair...she had hilarious stories to share and just wanted me to know that she wished I was there :) She made me laugh and smile...I was happy for how much fun they were having! But, of course, I was feeling a little jealous happens. Oh well! I know there will be another time for me to go to the fair with my family, so I can't be too mopey about it haha :)

Well, there's not much more for me to share without being all sad and depressed! I just feel more and more homesick as we get in to this season. Now before I go, I must say that I love my little family with my husband and dog and me...we are still making our own seasonal memories and starting our own traditions..and I love and appreciate the life we are making! I just wish we could do it closer to our families :)

Have a great weekend, dear ones! Hugs and love, my lovelies!

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