Friday, September 6, 2013

Horatio the Lizard, Clutter, & Vintage Art

I. Can't. Stand. Clutter!!! Ugh. It absolutely drives me crazy!!! I feel like my home never looks clean because of the amount of stuff I have in such a little space. My grandma says I have too much "junk." I always try to explain how untrue her observation is...I have TONS of books and TONS of art supplies...books and art supplies can never be junk. I also have lots of pretties...ya know...original art by friends and family, colored glass bottles, figurines gifted over the years, and items that simply mean too much to throw away. Most of them are stored away anyway because I don't have any room! Anywho. It's cluttered in my tiny apartment. My husband isn't bothered at all by it and therefore does not try to help me maintain the cluttered situation. This is a really big deal, guys! I hope y'all feel enormous depths of sympathy for me...thanks! I appreciate it :)

So! My little Ro Fo Sho workspace was always a little cluttered because it's a tiny excuse for a room, and, like I said before, it's full of books and art supplies. Oh! And office supplies too...can't throw away office supplies, grandma :) Well, it became even more of a state of disorder when Horatio moved in. Meet Horatio.

Hello, lizard lizard. Every morning I say, "Good morning, lizard lizard." and every night I say, "Night night, lizard lizard." He belongs to our friend, Dave, who is deployed...we are lizard sitting. He's in a tank...a big tank...a big ol' tank that uses a good chunk of space in the Ro Fo Sho workspace. It was the only place for him, and of course, we're happy to watch him...and I think he enjoys my company since most creatures on Earth do...haha. However, Horatio is definitely a big contributing factor to clutter...he can't help it though so I don't begrudge him. Look how incredibly untidy my little art room is...

You can see a bit of Horatio's home on the right edge there. The room had become messier and messier over time because I wasn't using my space (due to issues with that stupid illness I told y'all about last time), so I had to do a bit of shuffling and reorganizing. I considered showing before and after photos but there's not that great of a difference between what it looked like before and what you see here. Is that sad? Oh man, it can't be sad...I did the best I could! And anyway! I'm surrounded by inspiration and happy's a bearable type of clutter I suppose!

Well, I'm sorry that I wrote about such an uninspiring subject! But I simply had to commiserate. Oh! My shuffling and reorganizing revealed a couple of drawings I did about ten or eleven years ago...

The first one is my sister and case you missed that :) And the second one is a drawing I did for my sister either before or after she went to New York to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy...I guess I never gave it to bad, beetle! (Beetle is my sister's nickname in case you were wondering) Beetle's drawing was supposed to be like an interpretation of her soul and her life...a fiery passion and love for the performing arts and a country girl's dream of the big city. I should frame it for her and send it to's not that great...but maybe it'll remind her that she can still make her dreams come true!

A lizard named Horatio, a cluttered art room, and a couple of "vintage" (haha) drawings...something for everyone! Enjoy the random things in life and hugs and love, my lovelies!

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