Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Practically Perfect Weekend

This past weekend was a great time with my dear Floridian friends! Lynch's Irish Pub is clearly my new favorite bar and preferred place to hang out with my sweet friend Elizabeth; seriously love this place! Love having my gal pal, Karla, aka sugar plum, around for simple every day things like cooking breakfast and running errands. Kakashi loves having his girlfriend, Athena, over for play time as well when Karla's visiting! Always great meeting other Navy spouses, especially ones with Sailors on the same ship as my husband; shout out to Alexis! It was wonderful having all three of these awesome chickies over for Super Bowl Sunday! Loved the game; enjoyed the halftime show, especially Missy Elliot; appreciated the few great commercials; and was grateful for end of the night fun with Cards Against Humanity with girlfriends!

When all of my company had left, I was overcome with sadness, but I'm not going to talk about that right now. My thoughts were on Grandma, and it was a very emotionally draining bit of time...there's much more to say, so this discussion will happen later!

So moving on! I was finally able to catch a call from my husband! My phone has been acting strangely, so I was missing calls without even knowing it until a voice mail notification popped up. This is a very frustrating situation for military spouses, y'all! We teased each other and laughed and had a quick little visit...every tiny moment of communication is always a treat during deployment :) Oh by the way! Let me share a pic he sent me since he's been gone...all I'm saying is that mustache better be gone by homecoming hahaha!!! (I love you, sugarbutt!)

 Just wanted to share a bit about my practically perfect weekend! Great weather, fabulous friends, and football...a truly awesome combination! Hope y'all had fantastic weekends as well and that this week is quick and easy! Shout out to my brother, Zac, who turned 30 this week...Happy Birthday, bro, love you and miss you! My siblings and I are now all officially in our 30's...wow!

Hugs and love, my lovelies,

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