Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kakashi Dog's 3rd Birthday

Kakashi dog is my baby sweet baby boy...and yes...he is indeed a mama's boy. He turned 3 on December 5th, and, although he's older and much wiser (ha), he is not so cooperative with having his picture taken. He also seems to have a grumpy and disgusted look on his face in most of the shots, but its okay 'cause it kinda cracks me up :)

So anywho! Just wanna share Kakashi's birthday photos...and maybe write a little birthday poem for my furry here goes...ahem...

Kakashi dog
he's the cutest puppy
in the whole wide world!
His name is Kakashi dog!
And I love him
so so much...
He's my Kakashi dog!

Actually that's a little song I like to sing to him from time to time...yes...I'm weird.

Happy Birthday, Kakashi! Mama loves you!

Hugs and love my lovelies,
The Ro Fo Sho

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