Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Helping Oklahoma

Hello, dear ones. I write with Oklahoma on my mind today. I can't even watch the news reports anymore nor can I click on the videos my friends are sharing on Facebook. I'm simply too heartbroken. Facebook is also a source for links to relief and donation efforts, but there are so many! And unfortunately, there will always be the bad awful wretched people out to abuse the vulnerability of those who are grieving and those who want to help so that they may gain a profit for their own selfish needs...be mindful and make sure it's completely legitimate!

Even with the sorrow and heartbreak, the chaos and confusion, there are so many people uniting to help the victims, from the people to the pets, with whatever they need, from clothes to shovels. I'm all the way out here on the east coast, and so the best I can do is send and donate money. I know families and friends whose lives have been greatly affected by the tornadoes, and I am so touched to see all of the effort and willingness people are putting towards helping one another.

The Pioneer Woman shared a few links for all of us wanting to help. Look here if you would like to contribute.

The Vintage Pearl is offering a beautiful "love for Oklahoma" design necklace for sale where 100% of each necklace sold will be donated to the American Red Cross to help aid their relief efforts. Look here if you would like to contribute this way. This necklace is lovely, and I would really love one for myself!

All I ask is that each of you pray, meditate, send loving vibes, and or send loving thoughts to the people of Oklahoma.

Hugs and love, lovelies!
The Ro Fo Sho

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