Monday, January 26, 2015

Construction Zone of Thoughts

I'm still trying to get back in to my blogging has been more challenging this time compared to any time before when I've had long absences between posts. I'm sure y'all understand given the circumstances, but I've missed it, and it's actually a very important part of my life! But damn, I just can't seem to organize my thoughts every time I sit down to write...I guess I'm experiencing a writer's construction zone rather than a block. Yeah. That make sense! So, here's what I'll do; I'll try to navigate traffic! I'll share all the different kinds of lanes that are congested and backed up, and maybe at some point we'll get pass this stop and go movement of my thoughts. Are y'all staying with me here? Sheesh I hope so, 'cause I might just be confusing myself haha! Moving no particular order...

Lane 8. Must lose weight.

Lane 1. Driving from Florida to Oklahoma and back again is the worst drive I've ever had to make. I think it would be better if I had someone traveling with me besides my fur baby, Kakashi, but otherwise, I hate it!

Lane 5. I should be updating my resume right now, but I'm blogging instead. I'll do that next.

Lane 11. Fun times in OK!!! New Years Eve Party with the Browns, moonshine shenanigans with Ana and Zach, karaoke at Bison Witches with Amanda, shots and drinks at Red Brick Bar with Beetle, homemade pizza and Cards Against Humanity with my buddies, Pub W with Des, and so much more not captured with photos!

 Lane 2. Worst timing ever: While driving through Dallas, I was feeling emotional leaving Oklahoma and my family support system. The song "The River" by Garth Brooks starts playing on the radio, and I started thinking about my Grandpa because this was one of his favorite songs my sister and I would sing. Then the worst thought occurs, "My grandparents are all gone. I have no grandparents now." Traffic, memories, and grief are a terrible emotional drain right off the bat on a long ride back to Florida! Sucky suck situation right there.

Lane 7. Lynch's Irish Pub right on the beach just down the road from me...LOVE! Legit Irish owners with Irish bartenders with Irish accents, super cool DJ, live bands, wonderful atmosphere, delicious tradition Irish food...let's just say HEAVEN for this Irish girl here!

Lane 3. An old friend was visiting family in Oklahoma (while I was still there) and met up with some mutual friends. However I wasn't supposed to know about it; read: I was being avoided. I never got a for sure reason why, but the possibility was that there may have been concern of jealousy from said friend's spouse. Check check check...public service announcement from Amy, The Ro Fo Sho, "I don't want your spouses! I have my own, thank you very much! There is no need to feel threatened or insecure about my friendships! I appreciate your consideration...peace out!" Yeah I might sound like a bitch, but that's not my intention...think indifference instead please haha!

Lane 6. I'm very very VERY happy to be back in Florida!!! It's warmer and sunnier here, and I'm grateful for the mood boost the nicer weather gives me. And I'm happy to be able to participate once again in the Iwo Jima's FRG...great support system! AND! So thrilled to have already spent some time with my pal, Elizabeth and tomorrow Karla! I love my Floridian girlfriends oh so much!

Lane 9. Loved the time I go to spend with family and friends in Oklahoma. I have the best friends a person could ask for! Michelle, Nicole, Amanda, Ana, Zach, Bryan, Andrew, Beetle, Zac Attack, Desirae, Jason, Christi, Ryan, Whitney, Angie, Christina, Pam & Ronnie, Laurel, Brenda, Jerry, Curtis, Uncle Bill, Debbie, Carlos, Donna, Daniel, Joyce, Charlie, Clayton, Jolie, Bekah, mama, daddy, and my nephew, Jack...y'all are my beloved Okies and I absolutely adored hearing from you and the time I got to spend with y'all! Loved meeting Amber and Matty too!

 Lane 4. Must find job ASAP!

Lane 10. My nephew became and IHop super was super awesome and super fun!

Oh my goodness there are so many lanes of traffic I could share...but, as construction zones often cause for travelers, I'm tired and ready to zoom on through this mess! I guess you could say I'm trying to find an alternative route! Thank you all for being patient with me as I continue to swerve between lanes in my attempt to find my way...also thank you for being patient with my abundance of metaphors and similes and other forms of comparisons and such and stuff and I'll shut up now...

I'll be back soon with updates on my depression, deployment tales, current events, rants, football, and much much more! Stay safe in life's construction zones, dear ones!

Hugs and love!
The Ro Fo Sho

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