Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Try try...try try try...try try..again!

Alrightythen! This is my 4th or 5th or 8th or 20th time to try and upload an entry for y'all. Side note: I use to have a navy blue t-shirt that said "Alrightythen" across the front...I was cool like that. Okay back to the matter at hand! I was in Florida for a week and tried to check in with y'all a number of times from my tablet and my phone...obviously that never worked.

So here I am now. I just wanted to say real quick that I was in Florida for a week and tried to check in with y'all a num...oh wait I already did that...haha just kidding.

My cell service and access to WiFi were terribly hindered out in the rural parts of the good ol' Sunshine State, so my communication, social networking, blogging, and all other areas of my life that rely on this technology driven world were somewhat lacking.

I hope y'all are use to my wordy and overrun sentence structure tendencies.

Okay okay...I'll quit messin' around! I have lots to share with y'all about our upcoming move to Florida and stories about my recent trip. I didn't bring my DSLR, but I did get some decent shots on my cell phone and little point and shoot camera...AND...I saved them from Facebook and Instagram just for this corner of my existence online...my favorite and most special little corner!

But I'm tired now, so the story and picture sharing will have to wait until next time! I'll leave y'all with one pic from my phone. When I backed it up, Google+ auto enhanced it for me; and although I don't generally like my photos being altered without my doing, this one was actually kind of cool...enjoy!

Sweet dreams, and hugs and love, my lovelies!


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