Monday, January 20, 2014

Shrivel, crinkle, and slowly spring back

There were tears and goodbyes, stress and frustration, and challenges and obstacles that wrapped up 2013 and started 2014. I believe it was the worst end and worst beginning I've ever experienced during this, not to be dramatic, pivotal time in all of our lives. Out with the old and in with the new ya know? My out and in was more like a shrivel, crinkle, and slowly start to spring back! I could share several stories to explain how this all evolved but they're not so much fun and involve topics that really should be kept private from the internet population. I will say that right now my heart is heavy with worry for my grandma...but that will be a whole other post to itself.


Rather than share all of the yucky parts of the end and beginning of years, I will be sharing stories of being home for the holidays, our 3 year wedding anniversary, fun times with friends, and much more in the coming days. My husband will be leaving (doing the Navy thing) for just a short while and therefore will not be around to distract me with his devilish good looks so that I may be able to write more often...haha! But before I leave...

We arrived in Oklahoma on the Eve of Christmas Eve with basically enough time to visit a bit and then go to sleep! The next morning, before I met up with Tom and his family, I took a walk with my sister, nephew, and dogs through a neighborhood covered in ice...a beautiful magical icy world! Here are some snapshots along the way (taken with little point and shoot Canon Elph)...

Stay warm, darlings ;)
Hugs and love, my lovelies!

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